About Our Company

Years in the making.

Sitewerkes was founded in 1999 by Holly D. Bookwalter who remains our Lead Web Werker and the core of our team. Holly got started in the Web development business back in 1995, back before anybody knew how to spell "Web"! Initially on the graphic design and HTML coding side of things, she soon acquired programming skills in a variety of languages, including PHP, JavaScript, Perl, ColdFusion, Active Server Pages, and Java. She has experience in Web server administration, Linux distribution installations, and database administration. In other words, she's done a little of just about everything.

Our team has worked for a lot of different companies, on a lot of different projects, and we've seen a lot of trends and technologies come and go on the Internet. Work with Sitewerkes, and you'll be working with seasoned professionals. We don't get swayed by the latest, greatest trend - we are much more interested in using what works. And even though we've been doing this a long time, we're not jaded. We get excited about cool technology! But our number one priority is providing the solutions the best fit your needs.

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